The Haven Hill Adventure Quest provides small business, big business, volunteer orgs, and even sports teams with a unique opportunity to learn team building skills. The spirited "outdoor adventure" of the Quest is a great setting for Teams to learn to work together. Leaders rise to the top, and members learn to support the overall effort of the group. Bring your teams to Adventure Quest for the experience of a lifetime!

Teams at the Adventure Quest will experience many of the following characteristics which make a Team great:

Mutual respect  – Team members need to be respectful and appreciative of all of the members of the group

Specialization  - Some folks do things better than others, but everyone can have a specialty!

Establishing objective  – Learning the Goal and achieving it!

Adaptation  – Moving through the wilderness of Haven Hill will require adaption as the days goes on.

No finger pointing  – Enough said.

Admission of failure – Hey everyone fails, and as a team it can make you stronger if you learn with each failure.  

Patience  – Take a deep breath, stay focused, and wait.

Delegation of duties  – Leaders often rise up in a Team and effectively delegate the Teams chores.

A natural-born leader  – Sometimes it happens. Is it you?

Competitiveness – And fun!