What is the Adventure Quest?

The Haven Hill “Adventure Quest” Trail Hike provides a unique way for participants to discover some special Michigan history in the outdoors. The Haven Hill section of the Highland State Recreation Area was once a country estate owned by Edsel and Eleanor Ford. It is a treasure trove of history and natural wonder in a beautiful outdoor setting. Hikers follow the new Cedar Creek Trail to visit a series of informative historic marker signs. These wonderful informational signs were created by the MotorCities organization, an affiliate of the National Park Service that is dedicated to preserving, interpreting and promoting the automotive and labor heritage of the State of Michigan.

Along the path and within the texts of the informational signs are the answers to a multiple choice history quiz. Each team and its’ members gather answers to accumulate points, all the while getting healthy exercise and enjoying the beauty of our state park’s wilderness. After finishing the Haven Hill Scavenger Hunt, participants will have learned a very special piece of Michigan history and enjoyed a fantastic day in the outdoors.

The program is designed for individuals of all ages. Classroom groups, sports teams, business organizations, local government groups, and other organizations will enjoy this great team-building event at the Highland state recreation area.